Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Nicholas Rawitsch

Nicholas Rawitsch, who plans to double major in art history and English, spent his summer as an intern at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa working to entice young art lovers with a fresh take on ancient art.

My summer experience: The internship was drawn to my attention by family friends who had an affiliation with the Getty Museum. They suggested I apply for the Villa Teen Apprenticeship Program, which I competed for to gain admission. I volunteered to pioneer an interactive ancient art treasure hunt through the galleries on weekends, and I returned every Monday to contribute to a discussion about what teens and young adults could relate to in an ancient piece of Greek or Roman art.

Rewards and challenges: I really enjoyed the time I spent with the other interns. The biggest challenge of the internship was the hierarchical structure of making decisions within a museum. When ideas could not be easily communicated within the group or to our supervisors, the process of developing a new program for youth slowed. But I realized that a museum is a work environment that I would certainly consider in my professional career.

The classroom connection: My favorite classes at Wheaton have been with professors Sean McPherson, James Byrne, Josh Stenger and Shawn Christian, all of whom have taught me as much about myself as they have about the materials their classes covered. My internship embodies my coursework at Wheaton.

Future plans: My career plans at this point are very open but will almost certainly include creativity, writing, understanding the appeal of an image, and the synthesis of these three understandings and the stories we tell with them.

(Photo by Amie Rosenblum ’12)