Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Morgan Bakerman

My summer work: There were two different parts of my internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, both of which were in the main museum education department. I served as a tour guide for camp groups coming into the museum from all around New York City and even around the world. I also worked in youth and family programs, where I was a teaching assistant in two different studio art classes for children, as well as helping put projects together for events.

Show and tell: I am really interested in the way that museums choose to educate the visitors who attend the museum, especially children. This internship gave me the opportunity to share what I love with young children and get them to verbalize what they were looking at. It was really incredible to hear what the children had to say. I found that with each tour I gave I was learning something new from the kids, because they all had such different ideas about what they were looking at.

Exhibiting excitement: Often, museums are places where you are made to go to by your parents or your school… So much depends on who introduces you to the experience. If children go to museums and have a good time, and they have a guide who can connect with them and is obviously enthusiastic about their having an exciting learning experience, then they will want to come back and share their experience with their families. I wanted to be able to provide a fun but informative experience for the students. There is so much to learn from art.

Treasured experience: I love being able to give back to the New York community, being surrounded by great art, learning something new every day, making some great connections, and sharing my passion for art with others.

Major accomplishment: I think a notable accomplishment was finally getting over my fear of public speaking. Kids and teenagers are terrifying to give lectures to; I don’t know how my middle school and high school teachers do it.