Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Lauren Cardarelli

Why Wheaton?
My intuition told me that Wheaton was the type of institution that influences a very different kind of student. I never wanted to go through a generic undergraduate program, and I knew this college would allow me to really personalize my education. Looking back on this choice four years later, I feel more strongly than ever that Wheaton has provided me with a completely transformative liberal arts experience.

Wheaton offers 40 majors. Why psychology?
After exploring a wide range of subjects, I chose psychology because I am fascinated with human behavior and the motivations behind it. Psychology is also unique in that the more you uncover about human cognitions and behaviors, the more you uncover about yourself in the process. It can be a very refreshing introspective learning experience.

Research projects?
I have been collaborating with Professor Russell Williams in developing a new course for the economics department for the upcoming academic year. The focus of our work has been analyzing the idea of social entrepreneurship [using innovative, market-based ideas to address social challenges], and how this concept can be utilized to positively impact society with the use of business-planning and management skills. Here we combine our respective backgrounds, psychology and economics, to examine the past, present, and prospective impacts social enterprises will have on our global economy.

You’re a standout sprinter. How do you balance athletics and academics?
While time management and organization play a key role, simply finding the love in what I do as a student athlete allowed me to naturally establish balance between the two. Having such profound passions for my work as a student and an athlete has led me to build my routine around maximizing the potential of both roles, and in order to accomplish that, I need to have a constant sense of balance within my responsibilities.