Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Laura Parker

Activities? I am a tour guide, work in two cognitive psychology labs (WRP’s) and am a member of the Wheaton Libertarian League.

Why Wheaton? The professors provide very intellectually stimulating classes. Even in “lecture” classes we still have great discussions and collaboration. There is never a professor just lecturing at a class, rather a professor speaking with the students.

Favorite course? Professor Partridge’s Ancient Philosophy is an excellent class. Finding myself primarily as a student interested in the sciences, I entered the class knowing relatively little about philosophy. From taking Ancient Philosophy, I developed a passion for philosophy, especially ancient and classical philosophy.

Favorite quote? “Be emotional, extreme, intense, overwhelming. Be all those things and more, because the world is lacking in passion and people who put themselves on the line to change the world.” Eve Ensler

Dinner with? Despite Socrates’ misogynistic tendencies, I would love to eat dinner with him and discuss a variety of philosophical subjects with him. Most specifically, I would want to bring in the subject of modern science to the discussion and understand the implications developments in science have imposed on philosophy.

Favorite dish? Schwarzwälder kirschtorte- Black Forrest Cherry Cake. It is absolutely delicious! When I went to Salzburg, Austria my host mother made it for me the first night I arrived!