Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Joseph Fiorentino

Get the picture: My major is studio art with a focus in film production and photography. I have an older sister in the film industry in North Carolina who works as an editor. I saw the technical side of film when she was in college and I became interested in editing when in high school. But I became interested in photography at Wheaton, for it correlates perfect with my mindset. Developing pictures in the darkroom helps keep me focused.

This film is important to me, because I want it to be something that I am proud to display.

Czech-ing out: I just recently came back from a six and half month long stint in Europe in which five of those months I was attending the Czech Republic’s premier film school FAMU. In those five months, I spent the entire time developing and making a film.

A prestigious education: I had a friend in the class of 2010 who did her semester abroad in Prague and she had nothing but positive things to say about it, so I looked into it. I didn’t really know much about the city before I went there and didn’t know what to expect since I had never travelled internationally before. But once I got there and started school there I fell in love with it. I took advantage of everything I could over there, seeing how FAMU is the number seven-ranked film school in the world. I enrolled in close to eight courses and kept myself busy learning as much as I could, and still had time to have a lot of fun and enjoy the city.

Surprise ending: I am producing a film for my senior independent study. It is about the end of the world, or what seems to be the end of the world for our protagonist. The film is essentially about the man’s quest to find his son, and throughout the course of the film, inexplicable and frightening things happen that psychologically hinder the man’s mission. It borders on the lines of a sci-fi notion of the unexplained. This film is important to me, because I want it to be something that I am proud to display.

Personal goals: Just to be myself and work as hard as I can to get what I want and be where I want to be.