Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jennifer Salazar

History major Jennifer Salazar is off to Tufts University on a full-tuition scholarship for the 2010-2011 academic year. She plans to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching for secondary education in social studies.

Choosing my path. I decided to go into education well before Wheaton. I knew in high school that education and teaching were fields in which I could really make a difference. In particular urban education is where I want to establish a career and really connect with students and their communities. As a product of the New York City public school system, I attended schools that faced many challenges, including poor funding, lack of resources and overcrowding. Yet the passion and determination of my teachers propelled me into becoming a successful student. I knew that I wanted to be like those teachers and in urban schools dedicated teachers can make all the difference.

Inspired by my peers. I have been inspired by so many of my professors, but most importantly by my fellow students. Being able to receive a liberal arts education has allowed me to interact with many students who have completely different interests.

Personal growth. Wheaton has changed me in the best ways possible. I have learned not to be afraid to speak up, even if my opinion may not be a popular one. I leave Wheaton an incredibly confident person.

Moving on. Graduation will be bittersweet. I’ll miss all the friends that I’ve made at Wheaton as well as the relationships that I’ve established with particular professors. Yet I am confident I will  maintain these relationships.