Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jenna Lukasik

Education: Bachelor’s, Denison University; doctorate, Vanderbilt University.

Previous job: Teaching “Introduction to American Politics” and “Judicial Politics” at Vanderbilt University.

Why I became an educator: I loved school. I used to come home from kindergarten and make my little brother “play school” with me the rest of the afternoon. I’ve always loved learning new things and being introduced to new ideas. I want to share that passion and continue to learn from both my colleagues and students.

What led me to my field: I’ve always been interested in the law and government. I wanted to be a lawyer, but after completing two law related internships I was no longer convinced that practicing law was my actual passion. I realized I was much more interested in studying the role of the courts in our broader political system.

Why I chose Wheaton: I knew that I had found the environment I was looking for in order to excel in research and teaching.

Most important lesson I learned in college: Time management! There is plenty of time for both work and fun as long as you plan.

What I want every student to learn: I want every student to be able to critically analyze the decisions being made by our government leaders, by not only paying attention to the words being spoken but by being attentive to all of the underlying pressures influencing their actions.

What few people know about me: I used to play rugby in college and my picture is on the cover of a rugby book.