Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jason Rea

Major accomplishment. Passing my honors thesis defense!

Post graduation. Headed to the William & Mary Law School

Why the law? In my time at Wheaton, I have studied both Anglo-Saxon literature and Roman literature.  In both types of classes, I learned to analyze texts in their original language and historical context.  The law fascinates me because it allows me to employ the skills I’ve learned at Wheaton in a practical context with direct ramifications for everyone.

After clearing the bar. I expect to learn more about the relationship between the written law and the enactment of policy.  I hope to use my legal training to help struggling small businesses, which I believe provide unique services and serve as the heartbeat of many towns across America. In the current economic climate, it is more vital than ever for us to keep innovative and distinctive businesses afloat.

Favorite class at Wheaton? It’s hard to single out one particular class from the last four years, since I’ve taken so many wonderful ones.  But if I had to pick, it would be Roman Satire with Prof. Schell.  The text was hilarious and I had the privilege of studying it with a great group of classmates that I’ve been taking Latin with for over 3 years.