Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jane McCarron

These scripts are ways to let each of the twenty-four talented performers get a chance to shine.Activities? I am the President of Norton Youth Theater, a member of the Wheatones, Wheaton’s first all female a capella group, resident MOM of the Dimple Divers, Wheaton’s Improv comedy group, a spokeswoman for Wheaton’s Organization for Women and a peer writing tutor at the Kollet Center.

Why Wheaton? Besides the friends that I’ve made here, I really value the professor-student relationships that Wheaton has provided.  Having small classes and one on one time with professors has pushed me to focus on being the best writer/performer/artist I can be without solely comparing myself to others.

Favorite professor? My favorite professor is Sherry Mason, with whom I have taken Writing 101: Image and Reality, Intro to Fiction, and Writing for Performance. She has pushed me farther as a writer than I can give anyone else credit for. Her method of teaching, which is to pose more questions then give answers, is perfect for stimulating the creative writer’s mind and inspiring new ways of thought.

Something interesting about me: My life is a three-legged race with art, writing, and theater all pulling in different directions. I won’t win the race until I get them all to work together. However, on top of those three legs is a clear head with a sense of humor. I wouldn’t be where I am today without being able to laugh out loud at myself and at the crazy world we live in.

Youth theater: I have been involved with Norton Youth Theater, a musical theater program run between the Norton YMCA and Wheaton College, for four years now. I started out as the costume designer and a rehearsal helper, but now I have become the President of the club. Each year, Wheaton Students with funding from SGA, produce a musical for fourth through eighth graders in the Norton Community.

Although in the past we have produced well-known Jr. plays, last spring and this fall, I wrote scripts in order to showcase the full range of talent in the program.  The first play, The Center Stage, was based on the economic situation in the community and used the theories of Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theater as a frame for the synthesis of education and entertainment.  The second, Peter Pan and the Seven Dwarfs, is a fractured fairy tale that tackles the challenges of youth and self-identity.  Both scripts include popular Broadway and Disney musical numbers and focus on the importance of the ensemble, rather than selected individual performers. These scripts are ways to let each of the twenty-four talented performers get a chance to shine.