Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

James Little

My summer challenge: I will be working for a small non-profit called Community Water Solutions in Northern Ghana, setting up water treatment systems in villages where there is no fresh water.

Showing as well as telling: We will be providing clean water to communities in a way that is sustainable by local women. We will teach the women how to use the treatment facilities and they will start their own business through it.

Adding value: Water is a resource that is taken for granted by many Americans, but access to clean water is still a major issue in many parts of Africa. Not having clean water can lead to many diseases. By providing a treatment system we can save lives. The project will be a way for me to explore the economics of the developing world.

Preparing for the future: I hope this experience will help develop skills that will allow me to be successful not only as a business person, but also as a human being. I am very interested in the business of sports and hope to land a job in the industry.

Wheaton encouragement: The class that sparked my interest in this work was “Economic Development” with Associate Professor of Economics Brenda Wyss. She was a great teacher who gave me a new perspective on the developing world and their economic and health issues.

Advice to incoming students: Organize your time so you can enjoy yourself. Find a passion to go with your school work.