Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jaclyne LaVerghetta

The Laws of Medicine: I am an Agreement Associate in Research Management at Partners HealthCare, the corporate parent of Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (in Boston). I negotiate research contracts for my portfolio of departments within the two hospitals. I am gaining valuable negotiation experience on a daily basis that I would not be able to get in other settings. I am also still getting used to negotiating with attorneys that have significantly more experience; though, as time goes on, I can feel myself becoming more and more confident.

Legal Eagle: I was a Political Science Major. I have been fascinated by American politics for as long as I can remember. I was eager to learn more about how our government functions, as well to study how our legislators get elected. I was also attracted to the public policy aspect of the major, since I enjoy learning about the formation and implementation of our laws.

Hometown View: I grew up in Norton, (Mass.) and had the opportunity to begin attending classes at Wheaton as a high school junior. I enjoyed the courses that I took with Professor Boroviak and Professor Goodman during that time, and I was confident that I would thrive at Wheaton. I also wanted to attend a small school with a warm, welcoming environment. Finally, Wheaton offered the law school advising that I was looking for. I ended up graduating in three years, but I was still able to study abroad and write an honors thesis my senior year.

Playing the Part: One of my favorite experiences at Wheaton was writing my honors thesis, which focused on the campaigns of the sixteen women in the Senate at the time. I also enjoyed one of Professor Goodman’s public policy courses that focused on the appropriations process in Congress. The class actually had to roleplay hearings and eventually pass a budget for the National Park Service. The information that I learned in this class proved to be invaluable when I later interned in a Government Affairs office in Washington, DC during law school.

Without Objection: Academically, Wheaton gave me the confidence that I needed when I entered law school. Professors are willing to go out of their way to assist students and are invested in seeing their students succeed.