Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Erin Jaske

Future fellowship: I’ve earned a Post-baccalaureate Intramural Research Training Program Award from the National Institutes of Health. Beginning in February, I will spend one to two years being trained in sequencing techniques and conducting genomics research at the Rocky Mountain Laboratory in Hamilton, Montana. I found out about this fellowship through the Wheaton network, and decided it would be very worthwhile to apply. I am very excited about this opportunity, and look forward to gaining research experience at the NIH. I am also looking forward to being back in the Rocky Mountains.

A competitive edge: Over the last summer, I was a Suzanne Fogelson Golden Fellow, which I applied for through Wheaton. I used this fellowship interning at the Tennessee State Department of Health in Nashville, Tenn. While there, I worked at the Vector borne disease section where I studied the disease La Crosse encephalitis and examined its possible mosquito vector species.

About me: I grew up in Colorado, and am a Balfour Scholar. I’ve run on the cross country team for three out of the last four years, and have always been an avid skier.

Broad studies: Wheaton gave me the chance to explore many of my interests and become more well rounded individual. This helped me to narrow down my interests to a field that I am very passionate about. My favorite classes at Wheaton have been Nutrition and Genetics. I’m also looking forward to heading to Costa Rica and Belize this winter for a Tropical Field Biology course, taught by Professor Shumway and Professor McCafferty.

Future plans: I ultimately want to get a master’s degree in global health with a focus on epidemiology [the study of disease spread and control].

An early goodbye: I am able to graduate early because of AP credit from high school, but plan on coming back in May to be a part of Commencement. I am looking forward to using this time to gain research experience before heading to graduate school.