Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Preston

Activities? I am part of the Wheaton Education Club, Christian Fellowship, and Tennis Club. I volunteer every week at a local barn. I love to go to the concerts and talks that Wheaton supplies. Everyone should take advantage of these!

Why Wheaton? I like the academics the most. The teachers are approachable and want you to succeed. If you are having trouble, you can almost always get help. The classes are interesting and involve the students.

Favorite class? I really liked my Intro to Stats class. It is interesting and Professor Madani explains everything very well.

Africa: When I was in fifth grade, my family and I went to Cameroon, Africa for five months. My dad is a doctor and volunteered in a hospital there. My mom home schooled my brother and I while we were there. We got out of school at 12 every day and the rest of our day would be spent playing with the local children that would flock to our back yard. It was an amazing experience to get to know another culture and be a part of it. It has definitely influenced who I am today.

Favorite meal? I love a good burger. It has to have barbeque sauce on it though!

Most thrilling adventure? My family and I got lost in the woods up in Northern Maine. We ended up hiking 20 miles and had to canoe back to our campsite in the dark.