Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Diane Quinn Kennedy

Focuses on the details:
When I think of Wheaton, I always think of the library inscription: “That they may have life and have it abundantly.” For me, that means focusing on the arts. The arts enrich my life every day and enrich most people’s lives—whether they know it or not. When I was assistant director of the South Shore Art Center, I managed the annual arts festival for 11 years. I’ve also been involved in the local schools, primarily promoting the value of the arts in education.

Sees how art imitates life:
At Wheaton, I was a music and history double major—and a Whim. I was always fascinated by culture and connections and how people responded to their political and social environments through music, art and media. For me, working and volunteering is all about connections.

Draws inspiration from Wheaton:
Wheaton helped me discover so much about myself and my place within the world. More than anything, though, the friends I made and continue to make through Wheaton inspire me to support the Wheaton Fund. As alums, we all have a role in the life of the college and the lives of today’s students.