Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Cynthia Locke Maier

Retired bookkeeper and payroll preparer

Enjoys golfing, hiking, exploring ethnic cuisine

Volunteers for Therapeutic Riding of Tucson, Friends of the Pima-Public Library, and Meals on Wheels

Mother of three, grandmother of seven

“I entered Wheaton in 1946. I was one of four daughters and the third in college at the same time. I was not on scholarship but did work as a substitute in the college dining room. The money I earned provided me with funds for occasional trips and money for clothes that I would not have had otherwise. Right from the start I wanted to repay Wheaton so that others could benefit as I had. I started thinking about a charitable gift annuity (my mother had one), and I decided that it was the best way to support the college. It pays me interest for the rest of my life while also benefiting Wheaton. I am happy to say that I’m giving back a token of all that I have received.”

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