Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Aurelie Marcotte

After graduation: I will be leaving at the end of June on a road trip across the United States to Tempe, Ariz., where I will attend Arizona State University to get my Ph.D. in chemistry.

My dream job: My Ph.D. will be in environmental chemistry, so I would love to work for an environmental agency.

My path to a doctoral program: The Chemistry Department at Wheaton is incredibly supportive and played a huge role in my decision to go to graduate school. They helped me with everything from the application process to deciding where to go. The research I was involved in at Wheaton is what motivated me to apply to graduate school in the first place. I got so involved in my research that I didn’t want to do anything else but be in the lab!

Favorite professor: Professor Laura Muller, chair of the Chemistry Department, is one of my favorite professors. She was one of my chemistry professors during my freshman year and then again in my junior and senior years. Laura got me involved in research outside the classroom and helped me explore graduate schools. We even did a triathlon together last summer! Laura is an excellent example of the supportive atmosphere Wheaton offers its students. All the professors in the Chemistry Department have helped me grow as a person and because of their help, I feel very prepared for graduate school.

My self-discovery: I am such an independent person now! When I came to Wheaton as a freshman, I couldn’t have imagined myself moving across the country away from all my friends and family. I spent a semester abroad in South Africa, where I lived with a variety of different families, including a Zulu traditional healer, so I can’t wait to have more adventures.

I’ll miss: The Chemistry Department. I have become so comfortable with my professors and fellow majors. I am about to begin with an entirely new group of people, so it is a little scary.

Favorite Wheaton moment: As a member of the Wheaton Swimming and Diving Team for the past four years, my favorite Wheaton moment was finishing my last individual race ever at NEWMACs in February. It was overwhelming, but it felt good knowing that I had a great end to an amazing four years with the team.