Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Anna Driscoll

My summer job: This summer I’ve been living in Italy as an au pair for a family with two small children, and I’ve been having one adventure after another! One of the craziest things that happened since I’ve been here, is that I ran into Hilary Emerson ’10 on my way to the Grand Canal during one of my trips to Venice!

She was actually one of the Italian tutors I had gone to over the course of this past year, and neither of us had known that the other was in Venice that day. We took advantage of the incredible coincidence and had dinner near Piazza San Marco!

Activities while on campus? Outside of my classes you will find me reading, singing, walking, drinking coffee, laughing, dancing around, recycling, acting, laying in the grass (when it’s warm), or otherwise participating in some Italian Club-related activity. This year I’ll be acting as Co-President of the Italian Cub and I’ll be working in the school’s greenhouse.

Why Wheaton? I love the professors here; they are incredibly enthusiastic and helpful. I have found it to be very easy to get in touch with them, and they are always willing to talk (even if you aren’t currently taking one of their classes)! Some of my professors this past year have been extremely instrumental in helping me choose my majors and in planning out my next three years!

Favorite class/professor? A year ago, I really didn’t like taking Italian. I only continued taking it in college because I had always wanted to study abroad in Italy. After only one semester, I fell in love with the language, mostly because of the department here at Wheaton. The two professors I’ve had, Prof. Gabriele and Prof. Bianchi, are incredible and they make the classes so enjoyable!