Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Andrew Samel

Andrew Samel began college at University of Southern California, but took a break from his studies to work for several NHL teams, including the New York Islanders. When he decided to return to academe, he enrolled at Wheaton.

Replay. When I decided to return to school, I wanted to study at a school that had a non-Division 1 hockey team, because broadcast rights for Division 1 schools are controlled by the NCAA. Wheaton’s program is small, but we have a great time. The club is totally student run and coached.

Good team. I visited Wheaton the week before exams and I was immediately struck by the number of professors meeting with students in the halls, in Balfour and out on the green. The familiarity and depth of the relationships between the professors and students was immediately obvious and inspiring. It was clear that Wheaton was a school where both the students and the faculty share in the learning process.

Seeing is believing. The Wheaton administration, the professors and my classmates have all been incredibly supportive and friendly. The professor in each of my classes knows me by name, and they are all willing to stop, talk and help out.

New season. I’m looking forward to this year, when I’ll be president of the Men’s Club Hockey team and senior advisor to both the Model United Nations and the History Club. I’m also heavily involved with Bacchus.

Position. In addition to broadcasting all the games and skating at all the practices, I decided to build a team website. Every game is on the site, with summaries, statistics and photos. It was a blast to build and the reaction to the site has been awesome.

Dream job. Being an NHL broadcaster has been my dream job since I was a young kid. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but I’m trying hard to build a resume and get some experience wherever I can.