Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Adam Soybel

Text comes alive: I came to Wheaton ready to take a few English classes, but I’d pictured myself as a theatre major, since I’d been fully involved in my high school’s theatre department since freshman year. However, taking Contemporary Drama class with Professor Charlotte Meehan in Spring 2009 and subsequent workshops in fiction, performance, and playwriting led me to major in English.

The writing life: I’ve been writing so much since taking English 101 that it seems like I don’t stop! Some of my favorite moments include writing a collection of pieces (including a theatrical radio monologue) in Writing for Performance, and writing a partial novel about the Gulf War in Advanced Fiction. The process of putting those pieces together showed just how much I’d grown in developing my voice in my writing.

Live collaboration: It felt surreal when the one-act play I wrote, Life Is Not A Fairytale, was produced in this year’s New Plays Festival. Tianna Lall ’14 did such a fantastic job with casting, directing, and working with all of the actors (who performed wonderfully as well). I was really humbled to see all of the play’s parts come to life.

From producer to performer: I joined the radio station in freshman year and produced a small solo afternoon show all four years of college. I enjoyed talking about new artists and interacting with listeners, so I then decided to take Music Theory and Music History courses. Finally, I wrote my own songs for the Songwriting Club and performed them at The Lyon’s Den. Having people be receptive to that kind of work was a special and unique experience for me.

Doors to new ideas: My courses and extracurricular activities have taught me to take risks and to think outside the box. Whether I’m writing about a subject I know nothing about or improvising on a radio show, I believe in trial and error, and also having some fun.

Expansive studies: My graduate program includes a mix of courses, such as audio, video editing, performance, and screenwriting. I can focus on what I enjoyed most about college without having to limit myself to one field. I hope that I will be prepared for opportunities in media-related fields, such as advertising and music.