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Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) advises the President and President's Council on addressing budget issues and needs and on linking resource allocations to institutional priorities. Members of BAC encourage students, faculty, and staff to use this website to better understand the work of BAC and to communicate with your representatives on BAC.

The Budget Advisory Committee will provide a forum for considering and shaping recommendations to the President and the President’s Council about the relationship between resource allocation and broad institutional priorities. Such recommendations will suggest parameters for shaping yearly college budgets and evolution of the college’s Strategic Plan. The Budget Advisory Committee will also review decisions on resource allocation made by the President and the President’s Council providing feedback and/or advice on their congruency with college priorities, needs and mission.

The Budget Advisory Committee shall consist of five faculty, three staff, three students, the Vice President for Finance & Administration, the Provost and Academic Vice President, and the President. Faculty members shall be elected by the faculty in accordance with procedures established by the Committee on Committees and Agenda. Staff and student members shall be elected by their respective constituencies. Faculty and staff members will serve staggered three-year terms.

Committee members will facilitate communication and enhance understanding among students, faculty and staff of the college’s resource capacity/limitations and the college’s needs, all in relation to its priorities and mission.

The Vice President for Finance & Admiistration will chair the Committee. The Vice Chair will be a faculty member chosen by the members of the Committee.

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