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Posted on March 24, 2009

Welcome. I’m pleased you have found my blog. My intention is to use this as a space to share what I’m seeing, hearing and doing in the Wheaton community.

President with POSSE group.

On the library steps, with members of Posse.

So, naturally, I’ll be sharing what I hear from talking and working with students, faculty and staff; the thrill of rooting on our athletic teams and the enjoyment of taking in cultural events on campus.

However, I will also use this space to talk about our extended college community, which you can find in every corner of this country and in locations around the world. I’m often traveling on college business, and I hear many interesting stories. I hope to share some of those here as well.

Finally, I will use this as a place to keep copies of substantive email messages that I send to the campus (such as those that I’ve written about the economic challenges we all face).

My hope is that you will tell me what you are seeing and doing, too. Address email to president at wheatoncollege.edu and let me know what’s on your mind.

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