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  • Required event title. Please keep it brief but informative. For instance, "The Wizard of Oz", or "Theatre Department presents "A Little Night Music", or "Dance performance: The Firebird", or "Ticket deadline: Boston Connection bus".
  • Optional extended description. If your event occurs on multiple dates, list the dates here. This description will not be visible to the public; be certain your poster includes basic event information such as date, time and location.
  • Enter the date of your event. If your event has multiple dates (for instance, multiple performances of a play), enter the date of the LAST occurrence.
  • Click on "Browse" to select a poster image from your computer. Posters must be PNG, JPG or GIF files, and be 800 px wide by 600 px high. See sidebar for more instructions. Add a brief title to identify the poster. It can be the same as the event title.
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