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Student Research

  • Ethan Fitzgerald

    Applying Theory to Policy

    Ethan Fitzgerald '16 received the Kathryn W. Davis Prize for Undergraduate Research. More »
  • Portrait of student Zachary Ginsburg

    Zachary Ginsburg ’10 awarded Fulbright to Poland

    Alumnus Zachary Ginsburg '10 will conduct research at the Center for European Studies at Jagiellonian University, Poland’s oldest institution of higher education. More »
  • Jessica Buonaccorsi

    Understanding American Voter Turnout: The Primary Factor Model More »
  • Edward A. Nesi

    Lion in Winter: Edward M. Kennedy in the Bush Years, A Study in Senate Leadership More »
  • Duncan McCreery

    Anti-Americanism in Russia, A Response to U.S. Unilateralism in the Post-Soviet Era More »
  • Myles Matteson

    Judicial Reconstruction after Genocide: An Analysis of Courts and International Tribunals in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina More »
  • Shane Thurston

    The Not So Settled Secession Issue: The State of Jefferson and Modern, Constitutional Disintegration of States More »
  • Caitlin Clark Fahey

    New Media in Politics: A Comparison of Attitudes in Liberal and Conservative Web Logs More »
  • Stephen M. Wulff

    “New Nativism” in the Post-9/11 Climate More »
  • Georgina Cathleen Cannan

    From Property to Person: The Legal Development of Rape as a War Crime in International Law More »