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  • Orlando Children's Home, South Africa

    Thank You for Clothing Donations

    Thank you for the clothing donations which were brought to children in need in Africa by Wheaton students in January.  Your generosity was greatly appreciated and graciously accepted.  View our photo gallery. More »
  • Fingerprinting & Valentine Cards - Saturday, Feb. 1st

    Norton Police Department and Wheaton Public Safety will provide safety fingerprinting for children on Sat., February 1st from 9:30am to 12:00pm.   Parents will be given an Identification Document with a photo and fingerprint of each child participating.   Children will also have the opportunity to create a Valentine Card with a parent or guardian while at […] More »
  • Name that Tune

    'Scotland The Brave' at the Nursery School

    Jacob Dunn, graduating senior, culminated his year-long volunteering at the Nursery School with a playground march to the traditional "Scotland the Brave"! More »
  • A Visit to the Campus Greenhouse

    We like to take advantage of all the campus has to offer. Take a look at the photo gallery of the afternoon class at the Campus Greenhouse! Jane Young gave us a terrific tour and guided our learning experience. More »
  • Green Thumbs at Work

    April is a busy time at the nursery school. Jane Young from the campus greenhouse visited and talked about how plants grow. The children planted their own Zebrinas. On Thursday morning, the children got busy with their outdoor garden; a project that will be supported by nursery school families throughout the summer. More »
  • Music with Matt

    We were fortunate to have Matt Huleatt visit us during the February public school vacation week. Matt has worked at the nursery school during his studies at Wheaton and is a senior this year. Matt is student teaching at Taunton High School this semester but made the time to visit each class and shared his musical talents with all the children. It was great to hear Matt play the drums and the children each got a chance to be the drummer! The children always enjoy Matt’s company and guidance and they were impressed with his concert for us! More »
  • Trying Drums

    Music with Matt

    Matt Huleatt has been involved with the nursery school as a classroom assistant during his studies at Wheaton. As a senior this year, Matt has moved on to student teaching at Taunton High School. He returned to the nursery school during his February break to share his musical talent with the children. Matt visited each class and we thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and opportunity to experiment. Thank you to Matt! More »
  • Snow much fun

    The afternoon class enjoyed working together to make a snowman on campus! More »
  • Open House

    The Elisabeth Amen Nursery School will host four Open House opportunities for parents or guardians seeking enrollment for the 2013-14 school year. Visit us on Tues., January 15th or Wed., 16th from 9:30am to 10:30am or 1:15pm to 2:15pm. More »
  • From Vine to Table!

    After a brisk walk on campus the children at the nursery school engaged in the busy but joyful tasks of washing, pressing, straining, and cooking; followed by the tallying of their taste test results! Take a peek at our gallery photos and see how playful work can be! More »