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A banner year

Seniors create Class of 2017 flag for Commencement

How do you conclude the final leg of the journey through Wheaton in a meaningful and creative way that will last forever? By designing and making the symbolic representation of your senior class.

For the past several weeks, seniors Charlotte Hall, Emma-Kate Metsker and Richard Davies have had this honor (and challenge). They volunteered to make the Class of 2017 banner that will be carried in the Commencement procession and held in the Wheaton archives forever. Yes, forever. No pressure, right?

We have followed their process from the start. The group began brainstorming by going to the college archives to look at all the class banners, later met in Emerson to discuss ideas, then got together in the 2D design studio in the Mars Arts building to get to work—all while juggling class, finals and their entries for the senior art majors exhibition.

They unveiled the new banner at the White Glove Brunch on Monday, May 15, in Emerson Dining. (They finished it just after midnight on Sunday, May 14, but …ssshh. You know how final class assignments go.)

The experience has been a challenge, notes Metsker. “It is difficult to embody such a diverse group of individuals and our shared four-year experience. On the other hand it has been a pleasure to work with these other artists and combine our different artistic styles to try and create something great.”

Above is a look at their process. Find out more about the meaning of what is on the 2017 banner and the tradition behind it in the fall issue of the magazine.