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Gail Berson finishes record run

Dean of admission steps down; her successor is named

When Gail Berson steps down from her post as vice president of enrollment and marketing and dean of admissions on June 30th, it will mark the end of a remarkable era of growth and change for Wheaton.

Berson, who joined Wheaton in 1984, played a critical role in helping the college successfully navigate the transition to coeducation and increase the quality, size and diversity of the student body in the years since.

“I’m very proud of Wheaton’s growth in size and strength over the past 30 years, and of the contributions I’ve made to its evolution,” she said. “I am especially grateful to President Alice F. Emerson, who hired me in the first instance, and Presidents Dale Rogers Marshall and Ronald A. Crutcher, who continued to entrust me with this office of great responsibility.

"This college, and the hundreds of students, alumnae/i, trustees, fellow college officers, faculty and staff with whom I’ve worked so closely and come to call friends, will always be special to me," she said. "I am gratified by the difference I’ve made at Wheaton.”

In announcing the change, President Crutcher said, "Wheaton has been fortunate to claim Gail’s energy, creativity and skill, and I certainly consider myself blessed to have worked with her. I hope you will join me in congratulating Gail on an extraordinarily successful career at Wheaton and wish her all the best in her new adventures."

In recognition of her contributions to the college, the Board of Trustees voted to award her the title, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Emerita.

Berson’s decision led President Crutcher to turn to another exceptional and respected leader in the enrollment profession: Grant Gosselin, who has served as Babson’s vice president of enrollment and dean of admission. Gosselin has been instrumental in helping Babson to achieve an 81 percent growth in applications and a resulting 19 percent growth in enrollment over the past eight years.

Gosselin, who is well known both for managing graduate and undergraduate admission at Babson as well as his involvement in national and international professional organizations, said that he had been considering several offers to move to institutions focused solely on undergraduates when he learned of the opening at Wheaton.

“Wheaton is an outstanding liberal arts college with a long tradition of excellence, and it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to contribute to its future success,” Gosselin said. “It is humbling to follow a well-respected colleague like Gail Berson who has served our profession for so many years, but I look forward with optimism to what my Wheaton colleagues and I will accomplish together in the years ahead.”

During Berson’s tenure at Wheaton, more than 10,000 students, the vast majority of whom are now alumnae and alumni, enrolled at the college. She also oversaw many changes in the admission process, playing a vital role at the college working with three presidents. Some of her many initiatives include: increasing applications to the college by 500 percent, expanding the diversity of the student population through the admissions process, creating the Office of Student Financial Services and organizing the development of Wheaton's new web strategy team.

Berson is also a recognized leader in the field of higher education admissions. She has long been active in professional organizations, including the National Association for College Admission Counselors. She has held a number of positions with The College Board, serving through this year as a member of the organization’s national Board of Trustees.