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Auction for the arts

Student art history lovers to hold benefit event

Original paintings, cooking lessons and even a stay on the Greek coast are among the items up for bid at an auction planned by Wheaton’s art history club, ARTHive, to benefit the arts on campus and in the city of Providence.

The auction, titled “The Art of Community,” will take place on April 10 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Holman Room of Mary Lyon Hall at Wheaton.

“We’re celebrating how the arts help to build communities, here on campus and beyond,” said Sarah Estrela '15, one of the event organizers. A preview exhibition of the objects up for bid is now on display in Watson Fine Arts.

Half of the proceeds from the auction will benefit Providence ¡CityArts! for Youth, a community organization that provides free professional arts education to underserved children in the city. The organization serves more than 1,200 young people ages 8-14 through its after-school and summer programs in visual and performing arts, design, and writing.

Estrela, who was a student at ¡CityArts! as a child, credits the organization for her strong involvement with the arts today. “I am confident that I would not be here today without it,” she said, “and it has become an integral part of so many other children's lives for a number of years.”

One of ARTHive’s goals is to build connections between the Providence and Wheaton art communities, Estrela said, and supporting the city arts education program is one way they hope to accomplish that.

The remaining proceeds from the auction will support ARTHive itself and the Ann H. Murray Art Conservation Fund, which finances the preservation and restoration of art works in Wheaton’s Permanent Collection.

The auction will offer an eclectic mix of items for bid. “We have received more than thirty incredible donations from students, faculty, alums, and local artists,” said Estrela. “They include photographs, prints, paintings, and mixed media, but also ‘experiences,’ like private museum tours and a fun lesson on how to cook quiche Lorraine the ‘true French way.’”

Estrela added that one of the choicest experiences up for grabs is a week-long stay in a Greek summer home where the movie Mama Mia was filmed.

“Although there are a few pricy items, most of them are affordable, even on a college student's budget,” she added.