Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Past Offerings

Some examples of past World Dance program offerings:

  • Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi with Abeer Almutawa
  • Contra-Plus with Andy Taylor-Blenis
  • Zumba® Fitness with Julie Searles
  • African Modern and Improv with Mekbul Jemal Tahir
  • International Ballroom Dance with Ryan and Laura Kenner
  • West African Senegalese Dance with Lamine Toure
  • Capoeira: Brazilian Martial Arts with Mestre Deraldo Ferreira
  • Swing Dance with David and Kate Liberge
  • Ballroom Dancing with Ryan Kenner
  • West African Mande Dance with Seydou and Issa Coulibaly
  • Krav Maga with Master Garcia
  • Raqs Sharqi: Belly Dance with Laura Matta
  • Polynesian Dance with Laura Matta
  • Latin Dance with Paraiso Latino
  • New England Contradance with Matching Orange, Lucia Watson, caller
  • Dance Improvisation with Mekbul Jemal Tahir
  • Samba with Deraldo Ferreira of Samba Tremeterra
  • Hip Hop with Lauren Grillo

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