Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Library and Information Services

LIS Staff Listing

Suzanne J. Abany
Mail Clerk
Tel: 508-286-3824
email: sabany@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 130A

Gary G. Ahrendts
Liaison, Lab and Classroom Technology
Tel: 508-286-3757
email: gahrendt@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 309

Jillian Amaral
Sciences Liaison
Tel: 508-286-3767
email: amaral_jillian@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library 113

Jonathan Anderson
Network Administrator, Network Operations
Tel: (508) 286-3404
email: anderson_jonathan@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B14

Daniel Becker
Humanities Research and Digital Learning Liaison
Tel: 508-286-5601
email: becker_daniel@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G34

Carol J. Bennett
Assistant Coordinator
Tel: 508-286-5680
email: bennett_carol@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Garry H. Billingkoff
Media Services Technician
Tel: 508-286-3805
email: gbilling@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 208

Kate Boylan
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Tel: 508-286-5821
email: boylan_kate@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G20

Nora E. Brosseau
Assistant in Circulation
Tel: 508-286-5679
email: brosseau_nora@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Jean Callaghan
Serials/EResources Librarian
Tel: 508-286-3715
email: jcallagh@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G19

Regina Hoyt Carvell
Senior Systems Analyst
Tel: 508-286-3408
email: rcarvell@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B2A

Michael Corrigan (Mike)
Database Administrator
LIS, Administrative Information Services
Tel: 508-286-3419
email: corrigan_michael@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B14A

Jessie M. Durand
Technical Support Center Supervisor
Tel: 508-286-3907
email: durand_jessie@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G30

Susan Fernandes
Coordinator of Office Services
Tel: 508-286-3832
email: sfernand@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 131A

Stephen M. Flint (Steve)
Computer Lab Coordinator
tel:(508) 286-3759
email: flint_stephen@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Maryann Geppner
Senior Assistant in Circulation
Tel: 508-286-5643
email: mgeppner@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Brian S. Gibson
Senior Systems Administrator
Tel: 508-286-3417
email: bgibson@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B1

Cary Gouldin
Humanities Research and Digital Learning Liaison
Tel: 508-286-3924
email: gouldin_cary@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G35

Zephorene L. Stickney Helmreich (Zeph)
College Historian & Special Collections Curator
Tel: 508-286-3712
email: zstickne@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library / Archives

Kathleen Henke (Kate)
Acquisitions & Metadata Librarian
Tel: (508) 286-3610
email: henke_kathleen@wheatoncollege.edu
office: Wallace Library G18

James E. Hogan (Jim) 
Interim Associate Vice President for Library and Information Services
Tel: 508-286-3710
email: hogan_jim@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Morgan Holland
Technical Support Specialist
Tel: 508-286-3929
email: mholland@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Jennifer L. Horton-Robitaille (Jenn)
Sr. Tech. Support Specialist
Tel: 508-286-3725
email: jhorton@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

Ellen T. Kane
Director of Media Services
Tel: 508-286-3806
email: ekane@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 309

Peter Kirlew
Academic Technologist
Tel: 508-286-3927
email: kirlew_peter@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Library 106

Joseph LaCascio (Joe)
Director of Administrative Information Services
Tel: 508-286-3405
email: jlacasci@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B-3

Christopher S. Larrivey (Chris)
Systems Analyst
Tel: 508-286-3418
email: larrivey_christopher@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B14A

Jennifer J. Lund (Jenni)
Sr. Faculty Technology Liaison
Tel: 508-286-5441
email: jlund@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Knapton 009B

Nicholas Rauer
Network Administrator, Voice Operations
LIS, Technology Infrastructure
Tel: (508) 286-3212
email: rauer_nicholas@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B14A

John Scanlon
Senior Database Administrator, Banner Support
Tel: (508) 286-3407
email: scanlon_john@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B14A

Lauren Slingluff
Director of Library Resources
Tel: 508-286-3733
email: slingluff_lauren@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library G22

Lou Taris
Systems Administrator
Tel: 508-286-3717
email: taris_louis@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B1

Helen-Frances Weldon (Fran)
Tel: 508-286-3836
email: fweldon@wheatonma.edu
Office: Balfour-Hood 131A

Leanne M. Wood
Enterprise Applications Administrator, Banner Support
Tel: 508-286-3412
email: lwood@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Park Hall B11

Joanne Yauger Amin
Coordinator, Public Services
Tel: 508-286-3735
email: jamin@wheatoncollege.edu
Office: Wallace Library

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