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  • Introducing the LIS Digital Initiatives Department!

    Our goal is to breathe a new online life into the special materials that make Wheaton College so unique.  Treasures from our Archives, original scholarship from our community, interesting collections from across campus...we’re constantly adding to the Wheaton online offerings.  Here are a few highlights from this summer’s projects! Seminary Account books Ever wonder what […] More »
  • versailles

    Art Project, powered by Google

    Ever wanted to see the Hermitage? Wanted to stroll through the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles? More »
  • Smart History

    Smart History is a free open source art history textbook that seeks to further conversations and knowledge about art history through a collaborative framework that embraces new technologies More »
  • Iidibashi Station

    MIMOA--My Modern Architecture

    MIMOA is a user generated database of modern architecture that's handily designed to be accessed via mobile devices More »
  • Muybridge: motion and murder

    Students currently enrolled in Art History 298 (and others!) may find a new Tate Britain show relevant to fall coursework. More »
  • geo

    Geo Coded Art

    Geo Coded Art is a website in which paintings can be explored by their location in either Bing or Google maps. The Example above depicts Vasily Vereshchagin’s painting of the Taj Mahal mausoleum. More »
  • reel

    Museum of Online Museums Winter Update

    It’s welcome back to campus time here at the VR blog, and so we’ll ease back into things with the kind of frivolous timewaster designed for those times when there isn’t a lot of schoolwork to do just yet. More »
  • smithsonian

    Smithsonian Collections Cross Search

    Interesting find this week as the Smithsonian has unveiled a search engine that cross searches the collections of that multiplicity of museums paid for with your tax dollars. More »
  • 1001 Wonders

    1001 Wonders is a fantastic site that provides panoramic images and accompanying information about a good number (though not yet quite 1001, unfortunately) of UNESCO World Heritage sites. More »
  • Geoencoding in Adobe Lightroom

    Interesting news today as developer Jeffrey Friedl has recently released an Adobe Lightroom plug-in that allows for easy geo-encoding of images. More »