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Stacks Level Electronic Classroom

The primary purpose of the Stacks Level Electronic Classroom is to support the instruction program of the Research and Instruction Department, Library and Information Services (LIS). In addition, the classroom serves as a public computing lab when no classes are scheduled. Additional, more occasional uses are listed below.

Priorities for Use
The Stacks Level Electronic Classroom is scheduled through Library and Information Services according to the following set of priorities:

Academic Year (in priority order)

  1. Instructional classes that support the Wheaton curriculum, sponsored by LIS
  2. Faculty-led classes requiring hands-on computing and/or the projection capabilities available -- on an occasional and case-by-case basis, only*
  3. Public computing space for students

*Faculty should schedule the classroom through their departmental liaison.

Non-academic Year (in priority order)

  1. Library-sponsored student, faculty and staff workshops and training sessions
  2. Faculty and staff workshops and training sessions, Wheaton-wide
  3. Library meetings, requiring computer projection
  4. Meetings, Wheaton-wide, requiring computer projection
  5. Library meetings
  6. Public computing space for members of the Wheaton community

Please schedule the classroom by calling x3700.

Equipment and Software
The Stacks Level Electronic Classroom, located in the Stacks Level of the Library, has twelve workstations and an instructor station with computer projection. A table with additional seating for 10 is located in the center of the room. Laptop computer users can access the Library wireless network here. The Classroom is handicapped accessible.

The electronic classroom is equipped with:

Additional laptop connection at Instructor Workstation
1 Dell computer with 19" monitor (Instructor's Workstation)
12 Dell computers with 19" monitors
Moveable whiteboard
Electric projection screen and projector
Ceiling speakers

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