Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Wallace Library


Listening & Viewing

Visit the Circulation Desk to check-out videos and audio materials from the Library collections. Remote controls, headphones, and portable DVD and CD/cassette players can also be borrowed.  Please go to the Information Desk on the stack level for access to the library listening and viewing facilities.  Reserve a collaboration room via our online form.

Locations of playback equipment

Stacks Level

  • Collaboration Room 6  (seats up to 4): DVD/VHS
  • Collaboration Room 7  (seats 1-2): DVD/VHS
  • Collaboration Room 8  (seats 1-2): DVD/VHS
  • Collaboration Room 9  (seats 1-2): DVD/VHS
  • Collaboration Room 10 (seats 1-2): DVD/VHS
  • Collaboration Room 11 (seats 1-2): VHS
  • Collaboration Room 12 (seats 1-2)
  • Collaboration Room 13 (seats up to 4): DVD/VHS

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