Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Wallace Library


Library Facility Policies

Food and Drink Policy

To provide a comfortable, inviting study atmosphere for all library users, the Library staff and college custodians ask that you respect those around you and protect library property.

-Drinks must be in spill-proof containers
-Clean up after yourself
-Report spills immediately to library staff

Please note: We are assessing the library's food and drink policy.

Cell Phone Policy

Patrons are asked to turn off cell phone ringers when entering the Wallace Library. Patrons placing or receiving a call are asked to do so in one of the following areas:

  • near the elevators on each level
  • outside the library entrance

Computer Use

All library users are expected to comply with college policy for the
Acceptable Use of Campus Network and Computing Systems.

No one unauthorized to do so may install software on any of the public computers.

Conduct While Using the Library

All library users are expected to be considerate of others and adhere to the policies of Wheaton College and the Wallace Library.

Visitors who engage in noisy or disruptive behavior, or use any library facilities for recreational or personal business endeavors will be asked to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to maintain a study environment for all.

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