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Library Access

The Wallace Library staff is dedicated to providing access and services to all members of the Wheaton Community. If you have questions or suggestions about any of our services to people with disabilities, please contact Joanne Yauger-Amin, Library Public Services Coordinator at (508) 286-3735. In addition, our Research and Instruction librarians invite students, faculty, and staff to contact them at librarians_research@wheatoncollege.edu to set up a research consultation to learn about how to use the library or for help with a specific paper or project.



The parking lot at the rear of the Library includes two handicapped spaces. The entrance for the handicapped is on the south side of the Stair Tower, facing the Science Center. Press the buzzer for access. Internal access is by elevator; the Information Desk and Access Services Department are on the Main Level, one flight up. For access to Archives & Special Collections, please call the Archivist (ext. 3712) or inquire at the Information Desk.
Patrons can refer to the Library floor plans for assistance in locating particular areas and service points in the Library on the Library Facilities Home Page.


Accessible restrooms are available in the stair tower, across from the elevator on each level.


An accessible campus telephone is located in the stair tower on the Stacks Level, under the stairs.


In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the building without use of the elevators, patrons should remember that the Periodicals Level and the Stacks Level have emergency doors at ground level for immediate exit. Patrons unable to evacuate the building on their own should wait in one of the rescue areas, located by staircases, and away from any smoke and fire. Fire fighters check the building for persons needing assistance, but notifying a library staff member encountered en route to this rescue area will allow staff to more quickly inform fire fighters where persons needing assistance are. Patrons who have a cell phone with them can call (508) 285-5380 to alert emergency personnel to their location through the Norton Fire Department's emergency system.


Finding appropriate materials for a research project

Patrons should ask for assistance in identifying appropriate materials for research at the Information Desk or by calling x3700. Staff at the Information Desk can help with use of reference materials, electronic resources, and the HELIN online library catalog. They can also help with placing interlibrary loan requests for materials not available in the Wallace Library.

Library Liaisons are available to help users find materials, use library tools (e.g. catalog, databases), learn about subject specific resources and streamline the research process. To find the Liaison that specializes in your subject, please visit our Library Liaisons Page.


Patrons needing assistance retrieving materials should contact the Access Services Department by coming to the Information Desk or calling 286-8224. Every effort will be made to accommodate retrieval needs as promptly as possible. Patrons will be notified when the materials are available to be picked up at the Information Desk. Handicapped patrons may designate a proxy to check out materials on their behalf.

Photocopying assistance is available at the Information Desks in the library atrium and in the stacks.


For information on what equipment and software are available in the Library and around campus, please visit the Assistive Technology on Campus Page

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