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Liaisons & the Curriculum

Library Liaisons and Faculty Technology Liaisons directly support teaching, learning, and research, particularly as they are enhanced by the use of library and other information resources and by technology, in a variety of ways.

  • Acquaint faculty with the library resources and academic software tools available to them and how to use them effectively
  • Strategize with academic departments to create a plan for developing information literacy skills in students -- from foundation to capstone
  • Help faculty design an effective research assignment
  • Teach students about the information resources available to them and how to conduct searches effectively and efficiently
  • Teach students to evaluate sources critically and use information, in all formats, ethically and legally
  • Develop library components for first year seminars in collaboration with first year seminar faculty
  • Work with faculty to develop classroom and out of classroom support for specialized software applications, including SPSS, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Text-Encoding Initiative (TEI), RefWorks, and onCourse
  • Explore with faculty the opportunities for using primary resources, material culture, and early/contemporary printed materials for cultural context in individual and class projects and presentations -- for examples, see Out of the Classroom and Into the Archives
  • Provide in-depth research consultations for students
  • Provide faculty with specialized research assistance
  • Help set up alerts to monitor current scholarship
  • Create course-specific web guides for research
  • Provide guides for users of electronic resources and specialized software
  • Reserve and prepare the library's electronic classrooms for faculty one-time class use
  • Refer faculty and students to Library and Information Services (LIS) staff who can best serve their needs, as necessary

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