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First Year Seminar Library Component

The library component of the First-Year Seminar introduces basic research skills that students need to become academically successful and information literate.

Students should learn to utilize Wheaton's library both as a place, and as a gateway for information. They should become aware of the role of librarians as partners in learning. Of equal importance, students should understand how scholars communicate through publication in any media.

In collaboration with faculty, FYS librarians teach students to:

  • Locate books in the HELIN catalog via author, title, or keyword;
  • Use reference sources to narrow and refine topics and determine relevant keywords;
  • Develop an awareness of the distinction between popular and scholarly sources, as both a question of intended audiences and as a technical question of differing tools and strategies for discovery;
  • Use database search tools to broaden and narrow search results via limiters (sidebar/checkboxes) and the query itself (boolean operators);
  • Find followup assistance (liaison contacts, on call hours, etc.).

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