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Preparation and Submission


The Madeleine Clark Wallace Library is responsible for the collection, binding, cataloguing, and preservation of the record copy of all Wheaton College honors theses. All print copies are made available in the Marion B. Gebbie Archives & Special Collections and may be photocopied if permission has been granted. Digital copies of theses are available via the Wheaton Digital Repository. For theses written after 2010, requests for photocopies will be unnecessary.





Your thesis is an original, unpublished manuscript in which you should take great pride.  The physical appearance of your work is very important.  Departmental Honors will not be approved unless your thesis complies with these college wide guidelines.  Consult with your advisor to determine if you are expected to adhere to specific departmental guidelines. Your digital version determines this manuscript formatting.


You must submit an original printed version (not a photocopy) to the Registrar for certification and binding as the archival copy at the Thesis Parade. You can have personal copies bound by contacting Acme Bookbinding directly, at the following address: http://www.acmebook.com/bindery/thesis

2.   PAPER

The copy of your thesis submitted to the Registrar must be presented on Perma-Dur bond paper, or 100% rag bond paper.  You may purchase the paper from the Wheaton College Bookstore.


The Bindery requires the following margins: Left margins ­-- 1 1/2”.  All other margins -- 1” (including footnotes, graphs, illustrations, etc.)

4.     FORM

Your thesis advisor may suggest an appropriate style manual for the presentation of citations, chapters, etc., or consult a reference librarian.  You may also view earlier theses in your discipline in the Archives or Wheaton’s Digital Repository.


If your thesis contains illustrations, such as images, graphs, and the like, make certain that they are readable and fit entirely within the correct margins.  If you include digital versions of paintings, etc. taken from books or other sources, make certain that they are clear and include source citations so that the reader may refer to the original illustrations from which your copies were made.  If you are including illustrations, graphs, charts, etc. at the end of your text, be sure those pages are numbered. Color prints and photocopies are fifty cents each through Office Services. Please consult the Archivist (extension 3712) with questions regarding inclusion of illustrations.


Departmental Honors in Studio Art require the submission of a thesis.  Include the same materials listed in the Order of Pages below.  The goals, results, artist’s statement for the project, and a list of the works created should be included. Images of the works must be submitted.

7.      ORDER OF PAGES (Each page to be typed by student; all pages should be numbered consecutively)

a.    Certification by Registrar – When the work is completed, an acceptable print and digital copies of your thesis are submitted, the Registrar will sign and emboss the Certification page with College Seal.

b.   Title Page – Only 75 characters, including the author’s last name, will appear on the spine of the bound thesis. If you wish to determine the spine title, contact the Serials Librarian at extension 3715.

c.    Acknowledge or Dedication (if any)

d.    Table of Contents

e.    Introduction (if any)

f.     Chapter 1 or main part of Thesis

II.      MEDIA return to top

If your thesis includes digital media or non-print formats, please be certain that the recording medium is of the highest quality available. Title page information (see above) should be included.  Metadata, describing software and hardware requirements for listening and viewing, must be included in the text portion of your thesis.  Please consult the Archivist (extension 3712) with any questions regarding presentation of these formats.

III.      DIGITAL SUBMISSION return to top

1.      Bring a copy of the Honors Thesis 2015 Permission & Consent Form to your advisor, and discuss and agree upon your options. You can find a copy of this permission form through this link.

2.      Both you and your advisor should fill out and sign the permission form.

3.      Make sure that your thesis is in pdf format, and if possible, any and all images are saved in tiff format.

4.      If your thesis does not include an abstract, please write one, and save it as a separate pdf file. An abstract is a very brief summary of your paper, including conclusions, usually 3 or 4 sentences long.

5.      Copy all files related to your thesis, in the proper format, to the flash drive provided by the library. These files include your thesis, your abstract (if not included in your thesis), any image files or other media files you have.

6.      Bring this flash drive with you when you submit your print thesis to the Registrar during the thesis parade on May 11. Also bring the above mentioned permission form, completely filled out and signed by both you and your advisor, which will be bound with your thesis.

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