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Reserve Procedures and Guidelines

We hope that these Guidelines will make your use of this service easier. To assure the availability of reserve material by the start of classes, please submit all course reserve lists as soon as possible.

Reserves will be processed in the order the Circulation staff receives them. Please note that several factors, such as the length of the list and workload backlog may determine how long it takes to process your request. The most important factor in most cases will be obtaining copyright permission; while the fair use provision permits many materials to be placed on reserve without copyright permission, some items may require permission from the copyright holder.

When copyright permission cannot be obtained we will review appropriate alternatives with you, such as placing original copies of the book or journal on traditional print reserve or substituting a similar article.

Please cooperate by giving the Circulation staff as much lead-time as possible. While every effort will be made to accommodate late or urgent new requests, please keep eleventh-hour submissions to a minimum. It will be helpful if you indicate, at the time of your request, any documents that need to go on reserve immediately.

Reserve Reading Request Forms

  • These are available from the Circulation desk or online.

Types of material that may be placed on reserve:

  • Copies of journal or periodical articles: Generally, the library will no longer place current or bound library-owned journals or periodicals directly on reserve, since these materials must remain on the shelves for use by other readers. We ask, therefore, that you submit photocopies of such material, whether the material is to be accessed in print or electronically (see guidelines below).
  • Book chapters: Similarly, photocopies of these materials must be submitted with the reserve course list. Whenever possible reserve materials will be posted electronically.
  • Books: Books placed on reserve may come from the stacks, or may be ordered as new acquisitions. If a requested item has been checked out, Circulation staff will recall it. The complete citation should be included with the course information on the request form.
  • Links to Online Resources: If you would like to link to an article online, simply include the full bibliographic citation for each article and the database that it is in. Please include the full URL, along with the course information on the request form.
  • Personal materials: The complete citation should be included with the course information on the request form.
  • Media (videos, DVDs, laser discs, CDs, and cassettes): The complete citation should be included with the course information on the request form.

Material should be submitted to the Circulation Department which is located on the main level of the Library. The Reference librarians will be happy to assist you in finding appropriate online course materials. Please ask at the Reference Desk or contact your liaison librarian.

Instructors may confirm that all requested material are on reserve and available for checkout to their students by reviewing the reserve lists accessible in HELIN, the Online Catalog, or calling the Circulation Department (ext: 3708). The Circulation Department will inform each instructor, via email, of the password needed to access their ERes course list. It is then the instructor's responsibilty to pass this information along to their students. All material submitted will be returned to you by the end of the semester. Please note that we will no longer provide paper back-up copies of electronic reserve documents unless requested.

Guidelines for preparing photocopied material:

Please submit photocopies with your course reserve list. Material for electronic reserves will need to be scanned, so it is important that copies be made from the original (copies from copies lose image quality). All copies must be 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, and should not mix portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) pages in the same document. No staples please, as they interfere with the scanning process. Include a photocopy of the title page and "notice of copyright", if it can be found, with each document. The complete bibliographical citation must appear on the request form, along with the course information. Please note that dark images do not scan or print well and may be removed from a document. We will make every effort to include maps and charts.

If you have an onCourse site, we recommend that you create a link to your course reserve list. The Circulation Staff will provide you with the necessary URLs at your request.

Directions for creating a link to your reserve reading from onCourse.

We want your feedback--about these guidelines and about how, as you experience it, we can improve the Reserve process. Please pass on your questions and suggestions to Mary Savolainen (ext. 3708, msavolai@wheatonma.edu).

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