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LTLC Grants

The Library, Technology and Learning Committee (LTLC) administers three funding opportunities for faculty.

Academic Innovation Funds

We award a small number of grants for projects that use technology to achieve innovative pedagogical goals. Decisions about funding occur twice a year. Preference for funding will be given to applications that:

  • Explore the use of new technologies in Wheaton’s classrooms or present innovative pedagogy that uses technology (preferably both).
  • Most clearly and realistically delineate their goals, budget, and timeline
  • Extend the farthest beyond a single faculty member’s classroom/extracurricular student engagement
  • Engage most fully and realistically with R&I’s available resources (support, etc)

Research Computing Funds

We offer small grants to fund the purchase of hardware and software for faculty research projects. Funds are awarded once a year (usually in the spring semester).

Open Educational Resource Stipends

Open Educational Resources (OER) are high-quality, openly licensed teaching, learning and research materials. Released under an intellectual property license that allows for the free use, adaptation and distribution of materials, OER offer a flexible, low-cost alternative to the traditional. OER include textbooks, class materials, tests and quizzes, class modules, streaming videos, and software. Adoption of OER in the classroom significantly reduces student expenditure on course materials. It also allows faculty more flexibility and creativity in course design and materials selection.

To encourage the use of OER, we offer small stipend for syllabus revision. Funds are awarded once a year, usually during the fall semester.

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