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Information & Technology Literacy Instruction

As detailed in the strategic plan, Wheaton aspires “to be the leading liberal arts college in preparing students to create innovative solutions to big challenges—and to act on them.” Information and technology literacies are a set of foundational skills, behaviors and ways of thinking that underlie these aspirations. These literacies comprise a set of skills that enable students to find, evaluate and analyze existing information as well as produce and distribute new information in a variety of formats. In a world powered by information, mastery of these skills is essential to learning, decision making, problem solving and innovation.

The Research & Instruction (R&I) department is dedicated to helping students learn how to negotiate our complex information landscape as both producers and consumers of information, from finding and evaluating sources to analyzing and interpreting data to understanding complexities of information ethics. The R&I team provides information and technology literacy instruction both in and out of the classroom.

  • In-Class Instruction: We design sessions tailored to the needs of your class. Library sessions are most effective when taught in relation to a specific class assignment, and we can work with you to create assignments and library sessions that will me your pedagogical goals.
  • First-Year Seminar: We have created a set of library sessions that introduce first-year students to the basic research and technology skills they need to become academically successful and information and technology literate. These sessions provide a common foundation of skills that students will build on throughout their tenure at Wheaton and beyond.
  • Research Consultations: We provide ongoing research and technology support to your students throughout the semester through one-on-one consultations. Many faculty make liaison appointments a requirement for larger research projects.
  • Gebbie Archives: We support and encourage the use of our archival and special collections materials in classes of all disciplines. We can assist in designing activities and assignments to teach students how to find and use primary sources. Sessions can take place in your classroom or in the Gebbie Reading Room.


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