Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton  The Art and Life of Jessica Park

The Artist

Jessica Park was born in 1958. She lives in Williamstown Massachusetts where she has worked as a mail clerk at Williams College for 30 years. Jessica's life and vision have been documented in The Siege and Exiting Nirvana, two books by her mother, Clara Claiborne Park.

Apart from a few lessons with friends, she is self-taught. Jessica paints from sketches and photographs of the actual scene. She often hand mixes colors from her 64 tube palate of acrylics to create as many as 7-8 different shades for each color. The colors are applied sequentially according to a diagram she holds in her mind from the beginning.

Jessica's work can be associated with a style of art called outsider art, which describes artists that are mostly self-taught and art that is created outside the boundaries of mainstream culture.

From the web site Rage for Order, the Paintings of Jessica Park