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The Best Tools for Continued Studying

Posted on May 5, 2014

During a lecture you might hear something that you want to learn more about; sitting at your desk late at night you might wonder how you’re possibly going to memorize all those chemistry terms by tomorrow. With so many things to learn and such different ways to study, the number of study tools out there should comes as no surprise. Here are a few worthwhile tools and applications that you may find useful:


1. Khan Academy

If you need to brush up on a concept before an exam or want to investigate immunology, for example, then take a look at Khan Academy. Its extensive library of videos and lessons on topics from art history to microeconomics is free of charge and is great for students and teachers.

2. Flashcard Machine

Flashcard Machine

An alternative to handwritten flash cards (which I still highly recommend) are electronic flashcards. Browse Flashcard Machine’s library of already-made cards on topics from biochemistry to marketing or create your own stack of flashcards. You can also download their mobile app for on the go studying or try Chegg Flashcards another easy to use, free mobile app.

3. E-books


For a convenient way to catch up on reading or to begin research for that final paper you’ve been putting off, browse through Wheaton’s own collection of e-books. Explore thousands of titles on topics from economics to religion in your web browser or from any of your mobile devices.


-- Montana Rogers '14

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