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Student Study Spaces: Matt Sexton '14

Posted on March 21, 2014

Matt Sexton '14
Chemistry, Pre-Med
Mars Science Center Lab

Matt Sexton '14

How did this (lab) become your primary study space?
I started working with Professor Evans in the lab during the summer between my sophomore and junior years, so this became my study space more or less as soon as I got the keys. It's quiet and secure. I felt safe working in here and it was comfortable. I have everything I need (including the space to spread out), I could listen to music or be quiet, and I can control who's in the room, who's around me, and how much interaction I have with them. Over the past two years, I haven't found any other place that has been able to do the same things for me.

What's your favorite thing about it?
Right now, it's the fact that I have an extended monitor and display from my laptop. I love being able to pull up a research article on one page and write my essay on another, or have Facebook open while I'm doing homework. Also having the Mac to listen to music is a lot of fun.

How did you personalize the space?
I brought in the extra monitor, and since I'm the only person who uses this side, I've personalized it by keeping a lot of my stuff here. During the week, I'll bring everything I need on Monday, leave it here, and use it as I need it. I have extra paper, textbooks, research articles, etc. And then, of course, I wrote my thesis questions on the glass wall.

Matt Lab Thesis

Is there anything missing that you wish you could bring in or change?
The only thing I dislike about the space is that while I love being able to see my friends walk by and say hello, I hate it when tours walk by and it feels like I'm in a zoo. It would be nice to have a little more privacy. They'll stop and look in, and sometimes you hear them talking about you--which is weird--but I understand that it's good they're interested in what we're doing and excited about it. It's a cool space; I'm really lucky and privileged to have it.

What about it do you think best represents you?
The absolute disaster that's in here. The coffee, the red sunglasses that I wear everywhere always lying around. Otherwise it's definitely the empty coffee cup or pepsi bottle--something with caffeine. And you can usually find Pandora or Spotify open somewhere. The "Today's Country Music" playlist has been my addiction, despite the fact that I hated the genre until I heard some Hunter Hayes. Now, I can't listen to anything else except classical while I'm working.

- Julie Bogen '14

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