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Study Space Spotlight: The Balfour-Hood Cafe

Posted on February 18, 2014

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Favorite Study Space: The Balfour Hood Cafe

Student Nominator: Julie Bogen ‘14

Description: It’s buzzing and crowded around lunchtime, but the cafe settles down into a soft murmur of chatter and coffee dates by mid-afternoon. There are 11 loveseat-style chairs, 13 different tables, and multiple desktop computers available to students and faculty.

Why this space?: When I’m stressed and cranky, I tend to isolate in my room (and whine to my friends). Working in the cafe provides an endless stream of positive energy and quasi-company so I don’t actually turn into a hermit. Easy access to lattes helps, too.

Longest you’ve sat in this spot: Five hours, I think. Maybe eight including times I’ve taken a break to eat!

Volume level: Depends heavily on the time of day. It’s pretty noisy between 11:30 and 1:15, but otherwise mildly chatty. Definitely quietest after 4:00 p.m.

Best at: All day! The focused, silent folk will prefer later in the evening, but I thrive on the laughter and constant conversation. Versatility is one of the cafe’s best qualities.

Similar spaces nominated by the staff: The Mars Cafe! (Different cafe menu, plenty of couch space, and generally less crowded).

Most “college” moment there: Walking face-first into the glass doors while awkwardly waving at a boy.

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