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Posted on November 25, 2013

Near, far, wherever you are, you can access any of Wallace Library's electronic resources at the touch of a button by following these simple steps.

Accessing the HELIN Library Catalog

The HELIN Library Catalog can be searched from anywhere; there is no extra step to access it from off-campus.

Accessing Library EResources

Access with Your Library Barcode

To gain quick access to Wheaton-only Library E-Resources, just click the title of the database you would like to search from one of the Subject Guides or the Library Databases A-Z. And if you're using JournalFinder, click on the link that corresponds with the date of the article you need.

From off-campus, you should be prompted to log-in using your name and barcode. Enter your first and last name, and the barcode number on the back of your Wheaton ID card:
NOTE: If your barcode is illegible, you may go to Public Safety to obtain a new card. The Library's circulation staff (508) 286-8224 can also look up your barcode number for you.

Access by Downloading the VPN Software

If downloading software to your computer is practical, consider using Wheaton's VPN software to access the Library's databases from off-campus. Follow this link for instructions for downloading, installing, and running the VPN software.

Once the VPN is running on your computer, you should be able to access any Library E-Resources as if you were on campus, without any further authentication.

NOTE: You only need to install the VPN Software once. Contact (508) 286-3900 with any problems you encounter using the VPN software.

Off-Campus Database Access Policy

Off-campus access to the Wallace Library's collection of subscription-based digital resources is limited to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff. This policy is governed by the licensing restrictions of some digital providers and by digital resources that are purchased with a restricted number of simultaneous users or have a subscription fee based on current enrollment figures and/or the current number of faculty in a given discipline.

Wheaton alumni and other visitors on campus are welcome to use any of the workstations in the Wallace Library to access digital resources received on subscription. However, access to digital resources is not guaranteed as first preference in the use of the Library's workstations is given to current members of the Wheaton community and some databases have a limited numbers of simultaneous users.

More Help

If you have any difficulty accessing Library resources from off-campus, please contact the Library Information Desk: (508) 286-3700 or one of the Research Liaisons.

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