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Student curator aims for simplicity

Posted on November 19, 2013

To collect material for her first exhibit, the Wallace Library's Student Curatorial Fellow, Cui Wei '17, put out a call to her peers. She invited classmates to photograph either their favorite place or time of day on campus. The result is Your Wheaton, a new exhibit of student landscape photographs, on view in the library and online until the end of the semester.

Your Wheaton

Your Wheaton by Cui Wei '17

Despite the variety of artists featured in the exhibit, Cui Wei's curatorial design expresses a strong point of view. Cui Wei hopes that viewers will discover beauty in the simplicity of Wheaton's built and natural environments. She adds that members of the Wheaton community should walk away from the show feeling proud and excited about their surroundings. For new students, like Cui Wei, the images foreshadow the years, seasons, and transient moments to come  at Wheaton.

Cui Wei is Wheaton's first Student Curatorial Fellow. When asked about why she applied to the program, Wei said:

Before I received the email about the curatorial fellowship, my life at Wheaton was only about studying. I was searching for something interesting to enrich my daily life. I never worked on a major project like this on my own. Sometimes I was frustrated by problems, but there's no way to avoid them. I learned how to face these problems directly. The entire process made me feel like a grown-up. It has been an honor.

Your Wheaton by Cui Wei's—featuring photographs by Holly Hamlin ’17, Michelle Menacho ’17, Tyler Vendetti ’15, Cui Wei ’17, and PapaDunes—is visible on the periodical level of the library until December 16, 2013.

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