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Study Space Spotlight: The Second Mezzanine

Posted on November 12, 2013

What's your favorite spot in the Wallace lIbrary? Tell us all about it @wallacelibrary.

Name of space: Last table on the 2nd Mezzanine

Student nominator: Montana Rogers '14

Description: Slightly secluded, while still privy to the general buzz of the library, and perfect for individual or group study, this 2nd mezzanine table is a great place to spread out and plow through the mounds of work you’ve let accumulate over the course of the week or just catch up on some reading.

Coffee WindowWhy this space?: It provides the best of both worlds, with the structure of a conventional study table and a comfortable window seat to mix it up. When your homework prevents you from enjoying the beautiful outdoors, you can open the window and sit there day-dreaming, finding inspiration for your next writing assignment.

Longest you’ve sat in this spot: About six or seven hours. Of course, it is recommended that you pop over to the Hood Cafe for a coffee or tea every few hours to stretch your legs.

Noise level: Ranges between “late night whispers” and  “cafeteria discussions,” depending on the time of day.

Best at: Saturday morning to early afternoon--or when the moon is rising.

Similar spaces nominated by staff: Any of the mezzanine tables, with close proximity to a window.

This space would be featured in a film about: A boy who is designing a rocket ship, with the help of a wise mentor, so that he can travel into space with his best friend to prove that his recently lost sister is in fact living a comfortable life on the moon.


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