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If You Love JSTOR, You'll Now Love It Even More

Posted on August 16, 2013

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In 1997, the Wallace Library became a charter member of JSTOR, an electronic back file of core scholarly journals. Ever since the debut of the very first collection of 26 titles, Arts & Sciences, in July 1997, JSTOR has remained the Library's most popular electronic resource.

The Library is now pleased to announce the acquisition of 4 new JSTOR collections: Arts & Sciences IX, Arts & Sciences XII, Jewish Studies, and Life Sciences. Our JSTOR package now includes online access to the back files of over 2,200 titles, plus 73 current subscriptions, including all of the University of Chicago Press journals. And the Library now has a subscription to the Global Plants database.

The A&S IX Collection features journals in the social sciences with an emphasis on business, plus archaeology, anthropology, sociology, economics, population studies, and political science. Notable titles include American Economist, American Sociologist, Challenge, Geography, International Journal of Political EconomyJournal of the Polynesian Society, Review of Social Economy, Science & Society, and Scottish Archaeological Journal.

When complete, A&S XII will include over 125 titles in the social sciences and humanities in the fields of law, political science, education, criminology and criminal justice, history, social work, psychology, sociology, African studies, Asian studies, and Middle East studies. Journals in the collection include: ABA Journal, Educational Psychology Review, Group, and Journal of Haitian Studies. Some upcoming titles: British Journal of Criminology, British Journal of Social WorkHarvard International Review, Social Work, and Young Children.

The Jewish Studies collection contains journals that cover a unique range of historical and regional aspects in this discipline. When complete, the collection will include titles in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and Hebrew. Some of the titles now available include: European Judaism, Hebrew Studies, Jewish Historical Studies, and Jewish Studies Quarterly.

The Life Sciences collection is JSTOR's largest, spanning more than 340 years of science history and research in the sciences, including the health sciences. Disciplines include aquatic science, botany, developmental & cell biology, ecology, paleontology, and zoology. Notable titles include: American journal of botany, American Naturalist, American Scientist, Auk, BioScience, Botanical Gazette, Journal of Infectious Diseases, Journal of Paleontology, Journal of Parasitology, Science, and Scientific Monthly.

Global Plants, aka JSTOR Global Plants, "is a community-contributed database where...students can discover and learn about plants in context, and a record of plant life can be preserved for future generations." The database includes 2,000,000 plant type specimens from herbaria around the world, scientific research articles and primary sources including photographs, correspondence and diaries, paintings, drawings, plus full text books and reference works on botany.

We hope you'll enjoy our newest JSTOR purchases, and our 1st major collection of scientific back files.



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