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LIS Welcomes New Content Strategy Assistant

Posted on November 14, 2012

LIS is pleased to announce the arrival of our new content strategy assistant, senior English/Art History major Siri Schoonderbeek. Working under humanities liaison Pete Coco, Siri will spend the year helping to create and manage dynamic web content for Wheaton's academic websites.

"Wheaton's academic websites are the best resource a student–current or prospective–has when they want to learn more about our faculty, curriculum, and majors," says Coco. The goal of the position, he says, is two-fold. "We want to make sure all of Wheaton's websites provide visitors with the information they want about courses, majors and faculty while also creating an opportunity for a student writer interested in developing a web content portfolio."

Senior editor of The Wheaton Wire, Siri comes to the content strategy position with crucial experience writing about–and for–the Wheaton community. Reporting for The Wire has put Siri in the same room and interviewing people doing dynamic, exciting, and, above all, widely ranging things on Wheaton's campus. "I really enjoy hearing about what others are doing with their Wheaton experience," says Schoonderbeek."That's definitely a motivation for me at The Wire."

This natural curiosity will drive Siri in her new position. Even after more than three years at Wheaton, her journalist's eye still has her looking for the stories that haven't yet found their audience. "There are still sides of Wheaton I'm not so familiar with. It's kind of cool to get this chance to explore them."

Siri will graduate with a rich portfolio in web writing and content strategy, a growing field for web professionals that draws equally on creative, editorial and technical skillsets. Says Coco, "I doubt there will be many freshly-minted BAs out there with much content strategy work under their belts. When we conceived of this position, we knew immediately this was the Wheaton way to do it, take this important work and find in it an opportunity for a student to help out while getting some valuable experience."

"Wheaton is a good place for that," Siri agrees.

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