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Lyvia Gaewsky in New Zealand

"I spent last semester abroad in New Zealand and studied at the University of Canterbury. While there I not only explored the beautiful rolling hills and mountains but also ventured to the library! The University of Canterbury library is an eleven story building that serves around 13,000 students. In some ways it is similar to the Wallace library, yet very different. They have a similar log in procedure to that of Wheaton. Unlike Wheaton they have 4 or 5 computers that only allow you to log on to the computers for 20 minutes after which time it automatically logs you off. This is done so students who need to print something out quickly are not caught waiting in line.

They have very similar research databases to that of Wheaton. I had to write a science paper while abroad and was able to use Scopus. They also have a lending process similar to Wheaton with the addition of books that you are allowed to take out of the library for 3 hours, 3 days, and a week. These books would be equivalent to books that we have on reserve, that is books that professors have assigned to the class but students don't really want to purchase. Like Wheaton Canterbury has areas that are designated quiet study where no talking is allowed. The hours were not as convenient as Wheaton's. The library was only open from 8am to 10pm and did not have night owl hours during finals week. In a lot of ways Wheaton's library is similar to Canterbury's. I think a lot of the differences are due to having to sustain a large student population."

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